Install and configure a webserver / mailserver on Centos 7 including:

Firewalld, Fail2ban, Apache / Php / MariaDB, Certbot, Phpmyadmin, Postfix / Dovecot, Spamassassin, Mailx, Roundcube, Opendkim, Awstats;

C7 Server sources:

Firewalld comes standard with Centos 7.
C7 Server will open necessary ports and add your ip-adress in dmz. (for using ssh)

Fail2ban protects your server against brute force attacks.
C7 Server will download & install Fail2ban and create an exception for your ip-adress.

Apache is a standard program which usually comes with Php & MariaDB.
C7 Server will install these and configure your new domains, including sample webpages which you can replace or edit. Of course you can add more domains and websites.

Certbot will configure the Letsencrypt certificates for your domains interactively. Before installing certbot, there are some dependencies to solve.
C7 Server takes care of this. Your certificates will be backed up onto your new server.

PhpMyAdmin installation was found on tecmint and liquidweb.
C7 Server will install and configure PhpMyAdmin inspired on these.

Postfix & Dovecot are used to send & receive e mail.
C7 Server will download, install & configure.

Mailx is used to create & activate your new email account.
C7 Server will install Mailx to create your email adress interactively.

Spamassassin marks untrusted email as spam and learns from your personal interaction.
C7 Server will install & configure Spamassassin. The spam rules will be updated.

Roundcube is a popular webmail program which makes your email accessible from every computer, even without a mailprogram installed.
C7 Server will download, install & configure Roundcube interactively. Follow the instructions carefully!

Opendkim creates certificates to identify your mailhost as a trusted server.
C7 Server will install & run Opendkim and backup your certificates onto your new server. DNS configuration is up to you because hosting providers differ in how to edit the TXT records. You can test your spam-score using

Awstats provides very useful information about clicks on your website.
C7 Server will install & configure Awstats to create reports for your localhost, email and web traffic.

Download C7 Server   Instructions are in   readme.txt.